For you. For us. for the 88th.

Education: Equal opportunity for everyone, from Pre-School on up.
Health Care: Affordable and Quality health care for all.
Environment: Protect our Great Lakes to provide clean, safe water for future generations.
Infrastructure: Get our roads and bridges fixed.

Heidi is running for State Representative of Michigan's 88th district in ottawa County, including: 

Allendale, Georgetown, Tallmadge, Wright, Chester, Coopersville and Polkton townships.


About Heidi

Heidi is running to effect change at the State level for the 88th district. She is especially passionate about issues related to Education, Health Care, and the Environment. She wants effective and safe public schools available for every student, affordable and quality healthcare available for every citizen, and clean water and a sustainable environment for all generations. She decided to run to effect real change in the 88th district and help heal political divisions by having good conversations in order to represent her entire district.

Heidi was born and raised in Allendale, MI. She attended Allendale Public schools and went on to study aviation at Baker College. Eventually Heidi earned a Bachelor's in Science in psychology from GVSU with a focus in special education. Heidi taught kindergarten, third grade, and special education for middle school for the Reeths-Puffer School District. This experience shaped Heidi's passion for education.

In September of 2016 Heidi was diagnosed with breast cancer and in October of the same year received testing showing that no evidence of the disease exists and has maintained that diagnosis since. This unexpected journey made Heidi aware of our broken healthcare system.

Heidi enjoys camping with her family as well as volunteering with scouts. Her love of nature and a passion for the outdoors has made Heidi an advocate for keeping our environment clean and sustainable for all Michiganders now and in the future.

Heidi has a big heart, she enjoys fostering dogs for rescue, coaching Girls On the Run, volunteering for Manna Meals and Gilda's Club. She's ready to take all of her passion and represent you in Lansing!


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Do you have an issue that is important to you and want to let Heidi know? Do you have a question about state government? Heidi would love to hear from you! If you are looking to volunteer, check out our Volunteer page.


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It's all about Early Intervention!


Early Intervention in our schools

Money that has been earmarked for K-12 should be going back to K-12. We need to take back our education system. Heidi believes all children should have access to free preschool beginning at age 2 ½. Studies have shown that before the age of six children are best able to learn numbers and symbols, social skills, and emotional control. This is a window of learning opportunity our current system is simply missing out on. Intervention down the road in the upper grades would be drastically reduced if we just spend our time focusing on those first years! We need to work smarter to help kids be more successful.

Early intervention in our healthcare

Heidi is a breast cancer survivor. She knows first hand that early intervention saved her life. She also knows how terribly broken our health care system is and the stress that comes with worrying about paying for life-saving treatments. The only focus one should have when fighting any illness is getting better. The average resident in Ottawa’s 88th district is one accident or diagnosis away from going bankrupt. Nobody should have to go bankrupt just to get quality medical care.


Early intervention in our environment

We need to make some tough choices now so that we can have clean water and air later. Locally our aquifer is depleting faster than we can replenish it. PFAS seems to be turning up in every water source in Michigan. The beauty of Lake Michigan and all it has to offer is one disaster away from being taken from all of us. We need to be smarter about it and plan ahead. Eventually we are all going to have to make some sacrifices when it comes to water usage...maybe we need to start now. We can do some simple things like requiring those with underground sprinkling to have rain sensors so that they don't turn on when it's raining. We could encourage people to water their lawn at night-and farmers to irrigate their crops at night to avoid water loss through evaporation. One thing we could do that would put a lot of our minds at ease is shut down Line 5 so at least we know the Great Lakes can stay Great for years to come.

Early intervention in our infrastructure

Short term fixes do not work for Michigan roads. Yet time and time again we’ve all seen the workers filling in the pot holes only to have them all torn up again after one winter season. We need to fix the roads correctly the first time which would save the state hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long term. If we know that a road has a life time expectancy that ends in 2018, make plans to fix it in 2018! Don't make plans to fix it 2020! We need to work smarter!


It’s time we demand our tax dollars be earmarked correctly toward long term solutions.